There are two main song options at the Custom Song Workshop, the Custom Song, and the Template Song.

Custom Songs ($225) are just like they sound: completely custom, personalized songs in which the music and lyrics are written and recorded just for you. Just fill out the Order Form, telling me about the song’s topic and your preferred genre, head to the Payment section to settle up, and a few weeks later I’ll email you a digital file of your completed song. Pretty good deal, right?

Template Songs ($100) are songs in which you choose one of our pre-recorded musical templates, and then I write and record lyrics to go with it. You will need to fill out the Order Form to tell me about your song’s topic, and then I’ll take it from there. A few weeks later you’ll get an email with a digital file of your song, still personalized, but at a friendlier price point. It’s a win-win!