Cool People Who Died

In 2016, a lot of really cool people died. To name but a few: Prince, David Bowie, and Leonard Cohen, or three-fourths of my personal Mount Rushmore of musicians (Bob Dylan being the other one). It occurred to me that due to the immutable laws of the universe, cool people were going to keep dying, … Continue reading Cool People Who Died

Roger Moore-A Tribute for My Favorite Bond

Here's a neo-soul tribute song I wrote in honor of my favorite actor to play James Bond, Roger Moore. I know a lot of people are down on Roger Moore era Bond movies, but I really feel like there are some parallels to "Self Portrait" era Dylan, and we're all going to look back in … Continue reading Roger Moore-A Tribute for My Favorite Bond

Mamas and Iguanas

I love writing songs, so there's a lot of good things about doing it quasi-professionally. But one of my sneaky favorite things is the beautiful and weird word combinations I get forced into in order to tell people's stories. For example, the most recent song I finished was about a mother/daughter adventure through South Florida. … Continue reading Mamas and Iguanas

An Anniverary Song for a Long Marriage

A few weeks back, a man commissioned me write a custom song for his wife on their 35th wedding anniversary. ¬†I was incredibly honored to be asked to do such a thing, but I also found the task a bit daunting, since I haven't even celebrated my 35th life anniversary yet. ¬†Mercifully, he asked for … Continue reading An Anniverary Song for a Long Marriage

The CSS Song

As a novice website designer, there were times when I was in over my head trying to build this site. I ended up getting a ton of help from a woman named Kathryn from the WordPress forum (and Canada!). She did a ton for the functionality of this site, and eventually even guided me to … Continue reading The CSS Song