Here’s a neo-soul tribute song I wrote in honor of my favorite actor to play James Bond, Roger Moore. I know a lot of people are down on Roger Moore era Bond movies, but I really feel like there are some parallels to “Self Portrait” era Dylan, and we’re all going to look back in another ten years or so, like, “Dang! ‘Octopussy’ is pure gold!” This song anticipates that day.

It’s also the inaugural installment of the Custom Song Workshop ongoing tribute series, “Cool People Who Died.” Give it a spin!

Roger Moore
by Custom Song Workshop

Roger Moore
You were my favorite Bond by far
And what’s more, I know that everyone agrees
But they’re afraid to admit
What their heart’s been trying to forget
In favor of Sean Connery

But they’re just users and takers
Not mover and shakers
and they ain’t seen “Moonraker” recently

Roger Moore
We’ll just find out what lies in store
In the pages of Bond history
Someday everyone will know just what I’ve always seen