I love writing songs, so there’s a lot of good things about doing it quasi-professionally. But one of my sneaky favorite things is the beautiful and weird word combinations I get forced into in order to tell people’s stories. For example, the most recent song I finished was about a mother/daughter adventure through South Florida. Now it happens that South Florida has many iguanas, some of them lounging poolside along with their human counterparts, prompting me to write the line, “Me and Mama…and iguanas.” That one line has been playing in my head on repeat since its conception, making it tremendously challenging to finish the rest of the song, and rendering me more or less useless ever since.

Long story short, “mama” and “iguana” are two words that obviously belong together, and yet I never thought they would actually appear together in a song. But I’m so glad they did. Anyway, here’s an excerpt from “Me and Mom and…” Please enjoy!