Once there was a couple who wanted an awesome wedding. They wanted it on their own terms, without any pressure to do things in the customary way. The bride-to-be was the youngest of four sisters, all equally strong and occasionally unconventional women. They understood their sister’s desire to go her own way. They decided to give the newlyweds a song for their wedding present, but they wanted something unexpected. Now, I love writing sentimental ballads, dabbling with pianos and strings, and all the things one would expect of a classic wedding song. These ladies went a different route. Instead they chose a rap song filled with inside jokes, danceable beats, and a heavy dose of loving teasing towards the newlyweds, and themselves. They gave me more than enough material to write a song with, and I took it from there. We were all ecstatic with how it turned out. Listen to this sample and see what you think!