I Never Really Liked “Spoonman.” (A Chris Cornell Tribute Song)

When I was a kid, Chris Cornell’s music had a huge impact on me. I listened to “Superunknown” (which coincidentally, came out on my 11th birthday) so much that my cassette tape got all warped and all the songs ended up sounding like the sonic equivalent of the faces in the “Black Hole Sun” video. And then I listened to it more.

Like a great many kids of my generation, and many more who got into Chris Cornell’s work over the last twenty years, it was difficult for me to hear of his recent passing: he was too young and the circumstances too sad. You could always hear the darkness in his lyrics, but he projected some stability that made it seem that he would avoid the unfortunate fate of peers such as Kurt Cobain and Layne Staley. That his darkness eventually caught up to him is a tragedy.

Anyway, I wrote a short country ballad to honor him. It’s called, “I Never Really Liked ‘Spoonman’,” but the title is a bit misleading, as its main purpose is to set up the last line, which devastates me every time I sing it. Give it a listen, and then go listen to “Limo Wreck” or “Outshined” and remember a great artist.

I Never Really Liked “Spoonman”
by Custom Song Workshop

I never really liked “Spoonman”
Something in the shtick just wasn’t for me
It wasn’t ’cause they were from Seattle and I was from Portland
It had nothing to do with the I-5 rivalry

“Badmotorfinger” was among the best hard rock records of an era
And the cultural import of the “Black Hole Sun” video
But I never really liked “Spoonman”
But “Fell on Black Days” spoke to my soul